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Commercial Paint Waste Disposal Bristol

Absolute Waste is a market leader in developing new processes by which the by products of commercial paint spraying activities could be reallocated to prevent them simply becoming landfill.

Absolute Waste’s preferred approach is to make use of a procedure of anaerobic digestion that converts the sludge into a biogas, which can be used to fuel Combined Heat and Power plants to produce renewable energy.

Working with Absolute Waste is a chance to reduce your waste bills. For a free waste health check call us today.

Commercial paint waste disposal Bristol

Controlled Drug Destruction Kit Bristol

A controlled drug (or group of controlled drugs) must be fully denatured prior to recorded disposal.

Absolute Waste provides a wide selection of competitively priced controlled drug destruction kits that efficiently denature regulated drugs to Home Office approved standards. Our controlled destruction kits are available as a 250ml or 500ml pre-energized container.

Besides our medicinal controlled drug destruction kits, we may also provide bigger units to manage contraband and lab specimens, which likewise meet with Home Office acceptance.

Once your controlled drugs have been denatured, we can order to securely carry them to a treatment facility for licensed disposal.

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