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Bristol waste

Bristol waste

Sector Special
Forecourt services
Pharmaceutical sectors
We provide specialized expertise, guidance and services that will help you dispose of your waste safely and efficiently, in conformity with all current legislative demands.

Tattoo studios
Skilled guidance and services covering all facets of tattooist waste removal and disposal.

Inert Waste Disposal
Local waste management’s fleet of lorries provide a reactive muckaway service across South Wales, we pride ourselves on our capability to respond rapidly and economically to our customer waste removal conditions.

Our Service
Ourselves run our own fleet of lorries that are a reach of 6 – 8 wheelers or instead can provide a complete selection of dumpsters including roll on rolls off dumpsters to roll up your inert waste. We’ll supply a competitive quote within a 30 mile radius of our plant, additionally should you order some of our recycled aggregates to be delivered to website in an identical vehicle we will offer an extremely competitive backhaul rate.

Embracing this strategy can improve your carbon and environmental footprint and reduce haulage and manpower costs. Which resulted in a waste minimisation award from Building Excellence in Wales. Please see case study for more advice.

Recycling in Bristol

bristol waste

Electric waste recycling
Electric waste recycling may supply a yield and it is only one of our many dangerous waste disposal services.

What’s  waste
These regulations prevent commercial electric and electronic gear going to landfill; it compels businesses to recycle their  waste.
Examples of  Waste comprise:

*Telecommunications gear,
*IT gear including Computers / Notebooks,
*TV / Computer Screens,
*Light gear,
*Electric and electronic tools

Local waste management is committed to the ecosystem and we constantly work to lessen our own and our customers’ and contractors’ environmental impact.

Our goal will be to help customers in maximising recycling and waste minimisation potential, viewing waste as a possibly useful resource. In addition, we recognise that operational tasks are going to have an effect to the ecosystem and are thus committed to:

*Complying with all environmental legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines relevant to services and actions so as to stop and where necessary control pollution.
*Placing and frequently reviewing environmental objectives and goals.

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