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Clinical Waste Bristol

Does your business produce clinical waste that you would like to dispose of safely and easily at a low cost? Absolute Waste understands that disposing of clinical waste can be a tricky and time consuming business. That’s why we operate a low cost and reliable clinical waste removal service in Bristol. 

What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical Waste can range from sharp instruments contaminated with medicine or human tissue to things like swabs and dressings. Many organisations come into contact with clinical waste, including not only dental and veterinary practices but also tattooists and nurseries. If you would like to find out how Absolute Waste can help your company, call us on 0117 369 1260.

Clinical Waste is categorised as a type of Hazardous Waste, which means that it can pose a threat to the environment or to people who may come in to contact with it and needs to be disposed of safely, carefully and in accordance with a number of environmental law measures. If you think you have clinical or healthcare waste but aren’t sure how to dispose of it, call Absolute Waste for free advice at 0117 369 1260 to speak one of our waste management experts in Bristol.

How can Absolute Waste save your business time and money?

At Absolute Waste, we pride ourselves on being a cost-effective and efficient service. That’s why, unlike other waste disposal services, we will give you specialised waste bins free of charge. There are a range of clinical bins to choose from including colour-coded sharps bins and more.

We also offer a free, detailed audit to best determine how we can help your company’s individual needs – for example the flexibility of daily, weekly or fortnightly collections.

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