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Commercial Waste Collection Bristol

Commercial waste collection Bristol

General waste management
Absolute Waste can accumulate and recycle general non hazardous waste in various manners from bags to wheelie bins through FEL and RORO containers. General waste is much the same to Combined Municipal waste or the waste collected from homes and for that reason has a sizable percentage of recyclable materials.


We accumulate waste from a broad range of commercial premises from corner stores to multi national organisations and plcs, with each customer receiving a committed and dependable service.

General Waste Services
Absolute Waste has supplied commercial waste collection, commercial waste disposal, waste collections & waste services for more than 20 years and, with extensive expertise, we’ve got the needed experience to assist your company reach your waste management goals.

We pride ourselves on the standard of our commercial waste collection, commercial waste disposal, waste collections and waste disposal services we supply to organisations of all sizes within an extensive array of business sectors.

We offer several general waste services and container types that ensure your waste is taken care of legally, environmentally and with nominal interruption to your organization.

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Jumbo Roll Packer

The Jumbo Roll Packer from Bergmann can compact an astonishing array of substances and may reach dramatic compaction ratios, using a specially built rolling drum with tempered steel teeth to tear up the waste material. They may be especially appropriate for bulky waste, including wooden pallets, furniture and window frames.

During compaction, the container may be loaded with additional layers.

The rolling compaction drum for compacting waste material is a Bergmann creation as well as the technology has really been in service for more than 30 years. The chain of Roll Packers has been explanded from the inactive Jumbo Roll Packer that is fixed in one open container, to train mounted systems for multiple containers in a row, through to a cellular system which could be utilized for several displaced containers.

The essential advantages to you of using this Jumbo Rollpacker are that it is possible to begin lowering your disposal prices and CO2 emissions straight away.

*No wreck direct feeding into container removes demand for storage before disposal
*Constant process and loading straight into open containers minimises labour costs
*Uncomplicated process operators use robust push button controls to control the machine
*Quick container changeover replacing a complete container with an empty one is quick and straightforward
*Quick loading — pre shredding, cutting or booklet substantial volume waste isn’t mandatory with substantial amounts of bulky waste managed with no trouble

Lastingness & Layout
*Advanced technology with a hydraulic drive — results in low care prices
*Accredited staff training contained in installation charge — operators get the training they require to safely use the machine. Additional training may be supplied when needed
*Vandal proof cover over controls (discretionary) — machine can exclusively be utilized by authorised workers
*Completely interlocked security push bars to sense container in place — machine is only going to run when container present
*CE Indicated — these machines were created to supply European conformity

*For those bigger items of waste
*Perfect for wood/pallets
*Jumbo Roll Packer mounted on transverse trains
*Services multiple containers placed in bays
*Perfect for home recycling centres

Bergmann Trans Package Flexible Roll Packer
*Jumbo Roll Packer satisfied for fixed and mobile uses
*Perfect for compacting substantial volumes of waste in a number of open containers at multiple places
*Assortment of uses — eg. can be utilized on a roll on/roll off vehicle, a trailer, or fixed

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